Affiliate Disclosure Statement

Occasionally, near the top of my review pages, you will see the words, “this page contains affiliate links…” But what exactly does that mean?

In essence, it means that if you like my review and choose to buy or sign up for the product or service, based on my recommendation, I will receive a small commission from the company it’s purchased from.

What exactly are affiliate links?

An “affiliate link” simply means that I’m an affiliate partner with a specific company and have agreed to write reviews and promote their product IF I find it useful for my readers. The company has reviewed my website and agreed that we are a decent fit and would like their product or service talked about on my website.

So, when you decide to purchase the product or sign up for the service that I’m reviewing, I will receive a small commission since it’s a form of advertisement.

Companies are getting more internet savvy these days and are realizing that people want to jump on the internet before making ANY type of purchase these days. Older forms of advertisement and marketing aren’t working as well as they used to and if people can’t find an honest review they are far less inclined to purchase the product.

EXAMPLE: Have you ever jumped online when the latest iPhone came out, to see if it’s actually living up to the hype? You don’t want a “review” from Apple that will tell you the same old stuff, you want someone who is honest, lists pros AND cons, and have tried the product out for themselves, first!

I always spend a LOT of time researching before I make a decision to buy.

Does that mean that your reviews are biased?

Absolutely not. I’m not “paid” to directly promote anything. I’m paid if you believe the product will benefit you and your financial situation. So, I carefully review each product and service to see how it benefits you. You will begin to notice a pattern on my review pages. I use a strict set of questions to determine if it’s beneficial or not. Sometimes, I send these questions directly to the company and wait for a response before I proceed with the review. Sometimes…that can take a REALLY…LONG…TIME!

I’m only going to promote products or services that will directly help you in some way in your financial situation.

Does that mean that all of your reviews are positive?

Not necessarily. If there are new “hot” products or services out there you are going to want to know some information about them. Therefore I try to get a hold of it first and give an honest opinion on it. If I don’t think it’s of benefit to you, or if I feel that it’s way too over-hyped, I will tell you!

Also, I’m always on the lookout for SCAMS! We need to be looking out for each other on the internet because scam companies are lurking around every corner. It’s important to know what these companies are and get the word out!

How much do you get paid?

Some partners will give a flat rate per sign up.

Example, if you choose to sign up for Amazon Unlimited when purchasing an eBook that you found reviewed on my website, I receive a $3 one-time commission since my page is the one that originally sent you there. So, in essence, you get a book to read, a great service to read more books, and I get a Red Bull. ; )

Some partners will give a small percentage per purchase.

Example, if you choose to buy that same eBook and NOT sign up for Amazon Unlimited, I make a small percentage for referring you to the site. The percentage is based on the type of product, but for a book or an eBook (something I’ll be reviewing a lot of) I’ll get 4% or a cup of coffee ; )

YES…I like caffeine!

Will it cost me more if I click on your links?

Absolutely not. All an affiliate link does is tell the company that I’m the one who sent you to their website. There are no up sells or additional fees to you. In some cases you may even receive a discount or special offer for using my link. Which, of course, I will let you know so you can save some money!

Do you ever write reviews for products that you don’t make any money on?

Yes! There are many great products and services out there that will be extremely beneficial to you and help add to your financial attack power. My core purpose is to help you break free and overcome the debt trap. Period. That’s always my top priority!

If there is something out there that will help you, and I don’t have a partnership with the company to “promote”, you still get the review!

Who are you partnered with?

Currently, I’m partnered with the following companies, I will update this list as I continue to search out the best products time goes on and I obtain more partnerships.

Wealthy Affiliate
Amazon Associates LLC
National Debt Relief
Swagbucks (Refer a Friend)

I would love to write reviews on products as well, where can I go to learn about how to do what you are doing?

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It’s taught me step-by-step how to create successful businesses online from scratch!

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As always, I’d love to read your feedback. If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions leave them in the comment section below!