Do You Have A Meijer mPerks Account?

Meijer mPerks Account

If you live in an area that has a Meijer store and asked me one of the best ways to save money I would simply ask you the following question, “do you have a Meijer mPerks account?” If you don’t, you need to!


mPerks is simply Meijer’s loyalty rewards program. It tracks your purchases and rewards you for the total amount spent in various categories. You simply sign up for your account, download the app, clip some coupons, and punch in your information at checkout. With the recent update, a lot of the reward activations have been automated so it’s even less “hands on” to get great savings.


Everything! No, seriously…this program is amazing. Here are some the main features that the program has to offer.

Weekly Ad – It shows you the ad for the current week and any special ads they may have for the upcoming holidays. As you can see in this screenshot, it has the standard weekly ad and a special ad, just for St. Patrick’s day. The Star Wars ad is simply letting you know that it’s available at 12:01 on 3/12, just a promotional ad. But you get the idea.

Weekly Ad Meijer mPerks Account

Coupons – Meijer offers great coupons for many of the purchases that you make every day. Plus it has some fantastic manufacturer coupons for high dollar electronic purchases as well! Right now, you can get $40 off of this Keurig, which is great if you are already in the market to purchase a Keurig. They are searchable as well, so anything you are planning to purchase you can see if there are some in store coupons already to go. Going into this week, I have 382 coupons to look through and 104 already clipped. Tons of choices!

Going into this week, I have 382 coupons to look through and 104 already clipped. Tons of choices!

Keurig Coupon Meijer mPerks Account     Coupons Meijer mPerks Account

Rewards – This, in my opinion, is where mPerks really shines. It tracks your dollars that you spend in various categories and once you spend the qualifying amount, you receive a digital coupon to use on your next total purchase. With the recent update, it tracks it all automatically so there is no need to click and activate.  Just shop as you normally would, punch in your info at the checkout and then check the app and see how close you are to your rewards! The best part is, you can earn in multiple categories with a single item.

Rewards Meijer mPerks Account

For example, my wife and I have a 1-year-old son. Therefore, we have spent a ton of money on diapers and formula this past year. When we bought a box of diapers, the amount we spent not only went towards the “Baby” category but towards the “Total Purchase” category as well.

There were many weeks where we would earn both rewards to use for the next week and save us a lot of money.mPerks 2016 How To Save Money Shopping

Receipts and Savings – Need to pull up a previous receipt? mPerks saves all of them for you! Want to know how much you’ve saved for the year? mPerks tracks that for you as well! It even prints the info at the top of your receipt. This feature has really motivated my wife and I to find multiple ways to save, and we saved over $1700 last year using this program alone!

Shopping List – While I personally prefer the pen and paper method, mainly because I use my phone as the calculator while going through the store, the Meijer app also has a shopping list function that you can add to and check off as you shop. So, you are left with no excuse when it comes to shopping with a plan.

Pharmacy – If you get your prescriptions filled at Meijer you can earn a credit for every 5th prescription filled. You can use the credit towards multiple rewards that you can choose from. Some of the rewards include 5% off total grocery and beauty, $10 off total purchase, and even $.50 off a gallon at the pump! Plus, you can stack these rewards with other coupons and rewards as well!


The best part is, mPerks doesn’t cost you a dime. You get to sign up and use it completely for free. There are no hidden upsells either. Just log in on your computer, smartphone or tablet and start saving money.


If you’ve made a promise to yourself to never pay full price for anything ever again, this is a huge tool to help you accomplish that. Many times, this is the biggest portion of our discounts for the week. Before we sit down and make up our menu and grocery list we queue up the mPerks app.

First, we look at the weekly ad and see what all is on sale.

Then we head over to the coupon section and see what all coupons they are offering for stuff that we are already planning on purchasing. We might make a tweak to the menu based on the coupons that we find but ultimately we stick to what we already plan on purchasing. In other words, we don’t buy something JUST because it’s on sale.

Neither one of us like liver and onions, therefore we aren’t going to buy it just because there is a killer deal on it!

I see people do this all of the time. They watch those extreme couponing shows and then go buy 17 of something they never even use just because they have a coupon for it. Don’t be that person! Stick to what you usually buy and find ways to save on it. You don’t need to buy 8 bottles of aloe vera gel at one time…ever.


The complaint that I have is that the program will begin to adjust itself to your spending habits. Therefore the more you spend, the more you HAVE to spend to get your next reward. While the next reward is a higher dollar amount, it takes longer to unlock it.  When I’m using multiple tactics to get my total purchase price down, it takes longer to get that “Total Purchase” perk to unlock.

Example: When you start out it will reward you for spending $125 in total purchases by giving you a $5 digital coupon towards your next purchase. However, if you shop exclusively at Meijer and buy all of your groceries and other necessities there, you end up to a place where you have to spend a LOT more money before you unlock the reward. Currently, my wife and I have to spend $550 to get an $11 digital coupon. I’m not gonna lie, I really liked my $5 off every time I spent $125.

If you are shopping exclusively at Meijer each week for all of your purchases this won’t be a huge deal. But I remember joking with the cashier about it one time and she went off the deep end! I got a 5-minute lecture on how ridiculous it is that the amounts keep going up. Apparently, she’s not a big fan of this part either.


As I said at the beginning if you live somewhere near a Meijer store you really need to sign up for this program. There are many great loyalty programs out there. But my wife and I did some comparison shopping between 3 well-known grocery stores in our area and Meijer always came out on top with the biggest savings, and that was BEFORE mPerks.

Now, we save even more. Every dollar we earn is moving us toward our next reward and we eagerly await those savings from week to week. It’s gotten us through some pretty rough times, and it can do the same for you.


Simply click here to get your account signed up. They will ask you for your first and last name, your phone number, a 4 digit pin (which you will use at checkout to track your purchases and redeem your rewards), your zip code, and finally, your email address. Then you are ready to start saving.

—>Click here to sign up for your free mPerks account.<—


What is your experience with Meijer mPerks? Do you have any suggestions for upcoming loyalty program reviews? I would love to read about it in the comment section below!


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    • Hello, Darin. Unfortunately mPerks is specifically for Meijer stores only. However, more and more stores are starting loyalty programs these days. Kroger is a big one and much more to come.

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